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From her start as a talented young swimmer through her performance on the world’s biggest stage for athletics, the Olympic Games, Dara Torres has captivated fans and audiences both in and out of the water.

As the booking agent for Dara Torres I have had the opportunity to see her put her trademark incredible work ethic and fun personality towards reaching the goals of the companies, brands, and organizations she chooses to work with.

As a highly dynamic motivational speaker, Dara truly shines. I have witnessed how she interacts with the audience and it is amazing! Her demographic reach from mothers like herself to kids and teens aspiring to athletic greatness  is unrivaled. Dara’s motivational speech is considered one of the best out there because she knows her audience, is passionate about uplifting people and sharing her message, and wants the best for those that are willing to commit to some hard work!

Dara’s accomplishments in the pool are awe-inspiring, but she is also entertaining, warm, and genuine. She embodies what the Olympic goals and ideals are all about and works tirelessly to make a difference in other people’s lives.

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Evan Morgenstein, President and CEO of PMG Sports
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